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Flipflopping on Term-limits

Against Term Limits

VIDEO: At An April 2012 Candidate Town Hall, Collins Argued “Elections Are The Best Term Limit,” Even For “The Nancy Pelosi’s Of The World.”

SPEAKER: “So I would really like to know how the rest of you feel about term limits…” DOUG COLLINS: “] Now we’ve had many times before and that’s an answer right now that goes to a corrupt situation which we’re looking at right now. Now I’m not sure about where you’re going and where your feeling is, but I know for where I stand on term limits is this and we talk about the Constitution a lot. The Constitution looks like they put a term limit on the president. They didn’t put a term limit on Representatives or Senators. Now there’s a reason they decided not to, that’s up to them, you can read in their papers as they wrote. Here’s the issue and why personally I believe the Constitution elections are the best term limit to have... I personally, I don’t know about you, but I could take Tom Graves, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Paul Brown—and I’d let them serve. Because I know they serve us hard. I think that what you find is every two years you hold people accountable… I want you to understand something; when you talk about term limits, there is corruption in Washington, there is 60%, over 60% turnover and that’s great. And then you have the Nancy Pelosi’s of the world, you have the others who—what we need to do is transplant some good Republicans in those districts and get rid of them is what we need to do… The easiest thing for me honestly is to stand up here and say ‘yep I support term limits’ and sit back down. But I think the Constitution set it out.” (Doug Collins, Remarks At A Candidate Townhall, 4/27/12) Min. 58:39 - 1:03:21

Collins Maintained His Opposition To Term Limits Through At Least May 2020

During An April 2020 Virtual Town Hall, Collins Said, “Term Limits Don’t Really Work.”

“Nash asked about term limits. Collins responded that he always answers to the voters. ‘Term limits really don’t work. The states already have an 85 percent turnover rate,’ he said. He said the problem with term limits for elected officials is there are no term limits for staff or government agencies. ‘You can vote me in or vote me out, but there needs to be a balance. Some staff members have been there so long, they are more powerful than the elected officials,’ he said.” (Debbie Lurie-Smith, “Senate Candidate Answers Local Questions,” The Jones County News, 4/16/20)

Reversing Course On Term Limits

In June 2020, One Month After Calling Term Limits A “Bumper Sticker” Slogan, Collins Signed The U.S. Term Limits Pledge

On June 10, 2020, Collins Signed The U.S. Term Limits Pledge To Support A Constitutional Amendment Limiting Politicians To Three Terms In The House And Two Terms In The Senate. (U.S. Term Limits Amendment Pledge, Accessed 6/10/20)

While Announcing His Pledge, Collins Said, “Our Founders Believed In A Citizen Legislature – Working For A Time In Government To Better Our Nation, Then Returning To Live Under The Laws They Have Passed.”

“Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Doug Collins today signed the U.S. Term Limits pledge to support a constitutional amendment limiting the terms of politicians and announced that he would limit himself to two full terms in the Senate. ‘Our founders believed in a citizen legislature – working for a time in government to better our nation, then returning to live under the laws they have passed.’ Collins also vowed to sponsor legislation limiting the influence of career bureaucrats in senior position in our federal government.” (Alana Austin, Twitter, 6/10/20)


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