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Tax Raises and Wasteful Spending

NOTE: Doug has voted to fund wine tastings, the San Francisco opera, and even to raise the debt-ceiling. I'm not sure there is enough pretending in the world to cover this up but see some of it below.

In 2013, Colllins Voted Against An ACU-Backed Amendment To End A Program That Spent Tax Dollars On Wine Tastings In Foreign Countries And A Dinner Party In India

In 2013, Collins Voted Against An Amendment To Repeal Section 3102, Which Reauthorized The Market Access Program (MAP) Until 2018.

“Mr. LUCAS. Mr. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent that during further consideration of H.R. 1947, pursuant to House Resolution 271, amendment No. 55, printed in part B of House Report 113-117, may be considered out of sequence.” (H.R. 1947, Roll Call Vote #263, Amendment Failed 98-322: R 89 – 142; D 9 – 180, Collins Voted No, 6/19/13)

In 2018, Collins Voted For A Cromnibus Spending Package

Heritage Action Criticized The Bill For Spending More Than The Trump Administration Requested And Ignoring Budget Requests, Including Funding For The Border Wall.

“Next week, the House will consider an $855 billion spending package (H.R. 6157) combining Department of Defense & Labor-Health and Human Services-Education appropriations with a continuing resolution funding the rest of the government to December 7th. This so-called ‘cromnibus’ betrays regular order by packaging DOD with L-HHS-Ed and then adding in a last-minute continuing resolution. The cromnibus continues spending levels above the Trump administration’s Budget requests, fails to adequately fund the border wall in advance of the midterm election, and contains no conservative policy riders advocated for by House Republicans in recent months.” (“Bloated $855 Billion Cromnibus Spending Package,” Heritage Action, Accessed 10/10/19)

Americans For Prosperity Said Passage Of The Bill Was “Deeply Disappointing” And That It Showed “Reckless And Irresponsible Spending.”

“Americans for Prosperity expressed disappointment after the House joined the Senate in passing another huge spending bill that not only keeps spending at unacceptable levels, but also punts on important spending decisions for various government departments. Americans for Prosperity Chief Government Affairs Officer Brent Gardner issued this statement: ‘It’s deeply disappointing that reckless and irresponsible spending has become one of the consistent rare instances of bipartisan agreement in Washington. Year after year, lawmakers pay lip service to improving this broken process and break this spending addiction, but are unwilling to lead when the time comes.’” (Americans For Prosperity, “AFP: House-Passed Bill Continues Cycle Of Reckless Spending,” Press Release, 9/26/18)

The Club For Growth Opposed The Bill For Ignoring The Country’s Trillion Dollar Deficits And Criticized Members Of Congress For Settling “Their Differences By Just Spending More Money.”

“The Club for Growth opposes the Defense-Labor-HHS-CR bill (HR 6157) and urges all members of Congress to vote NO on it. A vote is expected soon in both chambers. The vote will be included in the Club’s 2018 congressional scorecard. The Club has two main objections to this bill. First, it reaffirms the budget-busting deal that Congress passed earlier this year. It completely ignores the trillion dollar annual and perpetual deficits that are fast approaching. Second, the bill ignores spending cuts recommended in the White House’s FY19 budget – including the elimination of several programs in the Department of Education and the overall funding level for the National Labor Relations Board. In typical DC fashion, politicians in both parties settled their differences by just spending more money.” (Andrew Roth, “Key Vote Alert – ‘No’ On FY19 Defense-Labor-HHS CR Bill (HR 6157),” Club For Growth, 9/18/18)

In March 2009, Collins Voted For HR 206, A Resolution To Place A Constitutional Amendment On The 2010 General Election Ballot To Raise Sales Taxes (H.R. 206, Vote #105, Adopted 151 – 15, Georgia General Assembly, Collins Voted Yea, 3/3/09)

Collins Was “Glad” That Lawmakers Worked to Raise The Sales Tax, And He Viewed Such Work As “Positive”

During A 2009 Interview, Collins Said That He Was “Glad” That Lawmakers Were Working To Raise The Sales Tax.

“Motorists have plenty of time to consider the workday as their foot switches between gas pedal and brake on Spout Springs Road. Even with added lanes and traffic signals in past years between Hog Mountain Road and Interstate 985, the mostly two-lane road backs up a mile or more on weekday mornings… However, area government officials and politicians are hopeful that recent activity in the General Assembly might pave the way to an eventual answer to congestion woes. State Senate Republican leaders are pushing a bill that would permit regions, including one that would encompass 10 metro-Atlanta area counties, to band together to charge a 1-cent sales tax to fund transportation projects. Residents in the affected areas must vote to approve the tax hike. House Republican leaders, meanwhile, are pressing to boost the sales tax by a penny across the whole state. If the Senate plan receives an OK from state legislators, it would still need the approval of voters statewide in 2010. The appropriate local governing body could then create a list of road and other transportation projects and would vote on whether to levy a 1-cent sales tax to fund them. If they vote ‘yes,’ the proposal would go to Georgia voters in the region who must also endorse the tax hike. ‘I am glad that positive work is being done to address transportation needs,’ said Rep. Doug Collins, R-Gainesville. ‘I see a concerted effort on both the Senate and the House to do something this year that is positive, that will work, not just something to feel good (about).’” (Jeff Gill, “New Tax Could Pay For Roads,” Gainesville Times, 2/2/09)

The Club For Growth Criticized Collins For Voting For H.R. 206

In February 2020, The Club For Growth Released An Ad That Attacked Collins For His Vote For H.R. 206. Narrator: “Feeling ill? Sick of Taxes? Then tell congressman Doug Collins that tax hikes are toxic…Collins even backed a constitutional amendment to raise state sales taxes 25% forcing Georgians to cough up billions. Tell Collins we can’t afford more taxes.” (“Sick,” Club For Growth, 2/25/20)

Collins Voted for H.B. 307 That Would Impose A 1.45 Percent Tax On Hospital Revenues. (H.B. 307, Vote #760, Passed 141 – 23, Collins Voted Yea, 3/26/10, Georgia General Assembly, Accessed 3/19/20)

Collins Also Voted For H.R. 206’s Companion Bill, H.B. 277, Which Created A “Wish-List” Of Projects That H.R. 206’s Tax Increase Could Fund


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