Zuum Meeting ID: Pretend Doug Collins


NOTES: During the last election, Doug was scared that endorsing Trump would hurt his re-election odds, so we hesitated for the longest time. Doug stood with the D.C. establishment and now we have to cover it up.

Rambles Instead of Endorsing Trump For President

Collins’ Endorsement Of Trump In 2016 Was Less Clear Than His Primary Opponents And Occurred After Trump Became The Presumptive Nominee

Trump Became The Presumptive Nominee On May 4, 2016 After Beating Sen. Ted Cruz In The Indiana Primary.

“Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican presidential nominee following a decisive victory in the Indiana primary and the decision by Ted Cruz to drop out of the race. Though Trump has not formally secured the 1,237 delegates he needs to win the nomination -- and likely won't until June -- there is no serious opposition left to block his path.” (Stephen Collinson, “Donald Trump: Presumptive GOP Nominee; Sanders Takes Indiana,” CNN, 5/4/16)

In May 2016, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Reported That Collins’ Support For Trump Was “Much Less Clear” Than His 2016 Primary Opponents. Collins Believed That One-Time Trump Critic Paul Ryan “Laid Out A Good Framework” Regarding The GOP’s Approach To Trump.

“The four men challenging U.S. Rep. Doug Collins in the Ninth District Republican primary embraced Donald Trump's campaign for president along with his proposed immigration plans during a debate taped on Friday. The Atlanta Press Club debate will air on Georgia Public Broadcasting at 3:30 p.m. Sunday. While former Congressman Paul Broun, Mike Scupin, Bernie Fontaine and Roger Fitzpatrick all said they would back Trump in November, Collins was much less clear. Collins said U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., laid ‘out a good framework’ on Trump's candidacy. Ryan said this week that he was not yet ready to endorse Trump. ‘We do have to come together,’ Collins said. ‘To do that we have to take those steps toward each other. The speaker brought that out. He said we’re going to come together and talk.’” (Aaron Gould Sheinin, “Ninth District Challengers Embrace Donald Trump, Policies,” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 5/6/16)

During The 2016 RNC, Collins Said That He Attended The Event To “Help The Party” And That Was He Focused On Issues Such As “Balancing The Supreme Court”

In July 2016, Collins Said That He Attended The RNC To “Help The Party” And That Was He Focused On Issues Such As “Balancing The Supreme Court”

“U.S. Rep. Doug Collins, whose 9th Congressional District spans north Forsyth and northeast Georgia, said he was trying to focus on issues, such as balancing the Supreme Court, and that he was there to help the party.” (Kelly Whitmire, “Officials Reflect On Trump,” Forsyth County News, 7/20/16)


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